Multiple University/College/Institutions CreationMultiple University/Colleges/Institutions can be created. College/Institution EDP staff can create in the system
Programs CreationFacility to create Programs. University/College EDP staff can create in the system
Courses/ Subjects CreationFacility to create Courses/Subjects. University/College EDP staff can create in the system
Online Admission processRegistration of the prospective students can be done online where the personal and qualification details can be entered. Registration automatically generates the student portal for further information tracking till the admission is confirmed. Incase of failure of admission the portal is automatically deactivated. Information entered online by the students is used for preparing merit list and confirm the admission list.
Offline Admission processProvision for offline registration form is available where basic student information can be entered while the prospectus or admission form is getting issued to the student.
Maintaining MeritList dataProvision is available to enter merit list data incase of offline student registration so that the admission list can be prepared.
Student Registration ProcessIncase of a centralized admission or entrance process based admissions, registration of the students can be done in the system. Fee category whichever applicable with quota or non-quota will be allotted automatically.
Fee ManagementConfigurable fee process available is available so that fees can be configured, program wise, year wise or category wise by creating fee categories. Allows administrator to define fee rules.
Student fees managementFee Payment via challan/DD/Cheque, cash or online via payment gateway Summary of students fee payment/non-payment status
Detailed statement for each student with fees paid/due
Scholarship, concession to the studentsAs per the Govt. rules, fees will be partial/fully waved for students qualifying the criteria can be defined
Admission Cancelation & TransferCancelation configurable rules can be defined in the system and admission cancelation with fees refund process can be followed. Facility to Transfer from one college to other incase of multi campus is also available.
Student ProfileStudents profile can be maintained by them in the students portal
Enrollment and roll number generationEnrollment numbers will be generated by the system for all applicants who get confirmed admission after paying fees. If required Roll Nos can be generated once the final admission list is ready. Pattern for these Nos. is configurable
Special Configurable Treatment for Reserve class studentsConfiguration screen for reservation. As per the Govt. rules of reservations, seats can be reserved in each course and maintained in software
Student / Faculty timetable creationStudent and faculty wise time table can be maintained. It takes care of teacher, classroom clashes
Student attendanceManual attendance facility would be provided. For each class, the teacher will have to mark the absent or present students and (either later on or at that time itself) update the same in the system. This attendance would can be taken class/subject wise or can be considered for the full day attendance
Academic calendarCollege EDP staff can create events identifying start/end dates along with holidays for each semester.List of every programme also Customized
academic Time Table for each college will be maintained in the system
Faculty course allocationWill be done for each college by person in charge for the college
Mark Extra Lecture AttendanceAttendance for the extra lecture conducted by the teachers can be maintained
Mark Attendance for replaced or swapped lecturesAttendance of the students can be marked if the lecture is replaced or swapped by the teachers
Bonafide, Migration certificate creationAvailable automatically
Statistical Report GenerationAvailable for any MIS analysis
Examination Rules and configurationConfigurable Rules can be created for examination by the College EDP staff for either of the Exam pattern like Credit or Grade or Percentage
Exam ConfigurationVarious exam types can be defined based on the weightage for assessment and by entering the passing and total marks in the system. Marks for all these exam types will be available to enter.
Roll number allocation for examinationRoll nos for the examination can be created by the College Exam Dept staff
Examination centre allocationManual allocation of the examination center for the students, degree courses wise is available. Notification of center allocation can be provided to students and hall tickets can be generated
Seating arrangementConfigurable screen would be provided for making seating arrangements during exam before hall ticket is printed
External examiners managementExaminers can be defined in the system for the assessment
Internal marks feeding onlineSubject wise marks can be entered manually in the system. Faculty in charge in each college will feed the marks online manually
Fee ManagementConfigurable fee process available is available so that fees can be configured, program wise, year wise or category wise by creating fee categories. Allows administrator to define fee rules.
Examination attendanceExam Supervisor will mark the absent students for each exam in the system
Attendance can be either tracked via smartcards for which cards and device has to be procured and provided by the institution.
Final marks feedingExaminer for each subject will input the final marks manually in the system for the students under his/her scope OR the College Exam Dept. This would be done based on the question paper set
Authentication of MarksAt each exam level maker-checker process of approval is available
Result generation and notificationCollege Exam Dept Officer can generate the reports and publish results. Result format will be customized based on the format provided by the College/University
Rank list preparationConfigurable rank master is available where by based on the rules ranks of the students can be generated and printed
Re-evaluation/Retotaling/Grace marksStudents can apply online for either re-evaluation, retotaling or grace marks of recently conducted exams up to a certain date. Fees for this can be paid online or by cash/draft/DD/Challans. Fee-paid students will be assigned to moderators for each subject. Moderators will update the re-evaluated marks in the system.
Record of marks before re-evaluations will be preserved
Results of Re-evaluation students will be published by Examination Dept officials
Grade card generationBased on the rules defined of grades or based on CGPA grade cards can be printed in the prescribed format
Transcript sheet generationDetailed mark sheet as transcript for students is available and the format will be customized
Degree generationDegree rules would be configured in the system so that the degree through which student is passed out would be derived automatically from the system
Certificates printingCertificates will be printed automatically from the system based on the rules defined
Results of College Exam, verificationResult Report would be made available which can be published if required
Revaluation resultsResult Report would be made available which can be published if required
Notifications, alert messages
& warning by SMS
Available based on the events specified
Fee and Fine collectionDetails for the fine collection can be maintained in the software
Self Service Portal for Students and Farmers
Student PortalMy courses
My Time Table
My Exam schedule
My Results
My Fees
Parent PortalMy Child’s summary
My Child’s Attendance
My Child’s Exams schedule
My Child’s grade card
My Child’s fees
Staff RegistrationStaff profiling can be maintained in detail
Service book related details can be entered
Confidentiality Report can be generated
Approval mechanism shall be incorporated for the staff once the details are entered
Leave ManagementSetup leave records
Setup leave Policy
Apply for leave application
Leave Application Approval
Tally integrationIntegration of the Academic management module is done with Tally


  • Personal Information Management System
      • Employee Records
      • Employee Confirmation
      • Employee Increment
      • Employee Name change
      • Employee Transfer
      • Service Book
  • iWeb Employee Self Service Portal
  • Attendance Management
      • Shift Management
      • Overtime Management
      • Early Going Late Coming Management
      • Leave Management
        • Leave Accrual
        • Leave Encashment
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  • Accounts Group/Chart of Accounts/Opening Balance.
  • Receipt and Payment
  • Cost/Center/Annual Budgeting/ Tax Structures
  • Funds & Grants Management
  • Track Payables/ Vendor Ageing Analysis
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  • Purchase Requisition
  • Vendor Management
    • Vendor Creation
    • Vendor approval
  • Supplier Registration
  • Define Supplier product pricing
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  • Maintaining Hostel/Guest house master
  • Allocation of Students/Guest
  • Maintaining Assets
  • Guesthouse Check-in
  • Guesthouse Check-out
  • Company Master
  • Organisation Placement Details
  • Corporate/Company portal
  • Student placement allotment
  • Student internship allotment
  • File Master
  • Sending File to departments
  • Tracking File Movement
  • Scan documents and uploading of documents
  • Defining keywords for the document
  • Maintaining document catalogues
  • Archiving documents on single click