One of the inescapable roles of a leader is that of reimagining the future for his organisation or institution. History is replete with the demise of many a successful organisation or institution when the leader failed to play his or her role on a continuous basis. On the other hand, every success story has had the imprint of two important leadership skills – imagining the future and the capability to execute a plan.
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Research being the pillar of a nation’s success is a simple fact that doesn’t need explanation. Starting from The Neanderthal Man who discovered fire through Industrial Revolution and German Panzers to the current Space Age and NuclearWeapons; the nation in the forefront of the world’s research scene has been the most powerful and dominant.

India with all her potential, fails miserably in this key aspect with our children being drilled to rote learning rather than innovation through school and college education. And our champions of education, the IITs only encourage the same with the ridiculous JEE. The same kids transform into brilliant geneticists, path breaking researchers, aerodynamic engineers, doctors, etc when they move to US/European universities. Then is it a surprise that we fare horribly in international rankings which are heavily reliant on research?

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It is a myth that on-demand learning is relevant only for distance learning programs. In the world-leading universities, it is a critical part of on-campus learning process. The entire of online Learning is about bending the arc towards empowering the learner to be more successful. Flipped classroom are a higher now.

Today, most educational institutions are painfully slow in adopting 21st century learning methodologies especially the latest tools and designs in online teaching/learning. It is no longer practical for a learning platform to deliver the same information to each and every students in a “One size fits all approach”.


Today it is all about customizing the learning to each individual student. So learning activities are becoming more bits-sized, with focus on just-in-time learning, and delivered via Internet and mobile media anywhere, anytime. The learning process adopts accurately to the learners behaviour.

In effect, learning is “on demand”, available digitally across different media, and nuggetized to suit the learners preference, thus leading to his/her success. That’s how on demand learning is measured – quality of the learner engagement, success achieved by the learner and how personal is the process.

We have already enabled the digital/on demand learning for many universities, colleges, companies. Many more are in discussions. We can help you too. Just call us!


One of the key challenges faced by colleges and universities is to attract the right profile of students for various courses from across the country. The problem begins right at the application stage where the pattern of application forms received is skewed in terms of geographical spread, academic profile, behavioral attributes of applicants. The seat to application ratio and the dependence on results of existing national level entrance exams is another challenge that greatly impacts the institution’s to attract students.
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