MASP is a pioneer Program that empowers K12 Education Institutes with experiences that bring learning to life, in and out of the classroom.

It allows school leaders, educators & students to reimagine how technology can enrich learning outcomes. Providing access to an integrated set of technology & innovative learning solutions, MASP modernizes school campuses, drives transformation for enhanced learning experiences and prepares future-ready students. Through the MASP, we intend to support Schools with latest Microsoft Technology & resources that ensures access to the best creativity, collaboration & productivity tools across the campus for students, teachers and computer labs. The objective of the program is to enable schools to have access to the latest Microsoft Technology & global education resources.
Access to Microsoft
Access to Microsoft Empowered teacher Sessions and Microsoft Student Associate Engagement
Office 365 ProPlus for Campus Faculty & Students; Access to Microsoft Imagine at zero-cost.
Developer skills
Developer Skills curriculum access for Students, Virtual Master Training for teacher readiness.
Recongnition as MASP School & Marketing PR Asset Support.
Windows Education
Usage rights & Acess to the latest Windows Education, MS Intune & Office 365 License.