Microsoft India has launched Edu-Cloud, a cloud computing-based offering that will enhance digital learning and teaching in schools and higher education institutions.

Microsoft Edu-Cloud supports students, teachers and school administrators through virtual learning platforms, easier content access, discussion boards, cloud storage, analytics & dashboard for learning outcomes, monitoring and improving teacher pedagogy, and creating custom learning modules. With regards to this Program, Microsoft aims to modernize the teaching and learning experience of all higher education institutes in India to become trusted cloud-enabled with the help of Microsoft technology and resources.
Benefits to Students
and Institution
  • Access to Office 365 Pro Plus for all Students/ Faculty/Labs(unlimited usage of O365)
  • Office 365 Deployed across Campus
  • Windows Education Upgrade
  • Microsoft In tune
Benefits to Educators
  • Empowered Teacher Training Sessions via 30 complimentary vouchers on MCA, MOS & MCP
    conducted virtually
  • Access to 600+ E-learning Courses in the Microsoft Imagine Academy based on technologies developed
    by Microsoft over the years.
And through this program you can regularize your usage of Microsoft and you can access all the global benefits  and resources available
  • Skype for Business audio/video conferencing solution.
  • Access to Social Networking on Yammer

Access for students and faculties to 600+ e-learning courses on Microsoft Imagine Academy  based on Microsoft Technologies since its inception