Email Security & Mailing Solutions

Email security refers to the collective measures used to secure the access and content of an email account or service.

It allows an individual or organization to protect the overall access to one or more email addresses/accounts. An email service provider implements email security to secure subscriber email accounts and data from hackers at rest and in transit. Email Security is a priority for all Businesses, with the growing threat of hackers, viruses spam, phishing and identity theft, the need to secure business information. Email Protection stops malware and non-malware threats such as impostor email (which is known as Business Email Compromise or BEC). Deployed as a Cloud Service or on-premises, it provides granular filtering to control bulk “Graymail” and other unwanted email.


Detect attacks before they enter your network. Total Control and flexibility for email security. Messaging Security Gateway is an all-in-one solution for your anti-spam, anti-malware and encryption needs. It helps you detect and stop attacks even before they enter your network. It is an easy-to-use tool just install and forget all about it. It offers you automatic control of confidential information.

Key features

  • Virus protection and spam detection help protect
    your companys computers and data against external threats.
  • Email encryption allows you to make sure that private information
    stays private.

Benefits of our mailing solutions.

  • MSG offers complete defense against email threats with 99%+ anti-spam accuracy and 100% anti-virus protection.?
  • Reduces the load on mail servers and the company network, minimizing the need for hardware investments.
  • Email encryption prevents accidental leaks of confidential data.
  • MSG offers total control and flexibility for email security.

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