IT Asset Management

With suitable tools for IT Asset Management (ITAM), one can establish and maintain a centralized system of record for managing the entire lifecycle of any IT asset within your data centre IT infrastructure. Tools with powerful capabilities ensure IT asset inventories, whether physical, logical or cloud are accurate and up-to-date.

Using IT Asset Management tools, Companies can:
  • IT Asset auto-discovery
  • Hardware and Software inventory
  • Both Physical and Virtual
  • Inventory assets on premise or in the cloud
  • Container inventory
  • Track and Visualize relationships between assets
  • QR codes and barcodes with smart phone support for inventory management
  • Integrate with ITSM tools
  • Scalability, from small to huge – No inventory too large
  • Warranty check, reporting and tracking
  • Ensure compliance and audit security
  • Audits just got a LOT easier via customizable reports, at your fingertips
  • Go beyond just assets with our fully integrated CMDB
Hardware inventory
Hardware inventory

Locates and updates your devices automatically, making it easy to document physical, virtual, blade, clusters, switches or any other device types.
Featuring easy to use, multi-edit data entry pages which allow you to add and modify all hardware components from a single page. While editing a device, you can open a new tab to see all locations that part number exist, and inventory counts for that specific model or part number as well.
Record any properties relevant to hardware or host. Asset lifecycle is flexible and modular. Define events that can be set to an item for automating documentation and inventory changes on the fly.

Software inventory
Software inventory

Organizations can create and maintain a comprehensive, accurate profile of the software deployed on Windows and Linux machines across the entire IT infrastructure — from the server to the desktop.

  • Compare current usage to license counts
  • Detect prohibited software
  • Track license agreements and expiration dates
  • Identify purchased vs. installed software
  • Provide customizable notification alerts

Virtual machines, containers and cloud inventory effortlessly enumerate data from your Hosts and Virtual Machines across all widely used Hypervisors and Cloud Providers.
You can run on-demand or scheduled jobs to reach and grab data from your Hosts and VM’s alike, keeping your inventory up to date with new deployments and changes to your virtual and cloud environments.


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